Dust Control Systems

Dust Control System

During the industrial boom of the late 1940’s and 50’s King-Lar started doing sheet metal work associated with corn and bean dust in the many grain operations in and around Decatur, IL. Crews at ADM, A.E. Staley, Allied Mills, and other milling operations were commonplace during those periods of time.

Eventually this type of work became a necessity in other types of manufacturing plants as well. King-Lar was doing dust control work before it was ever known as Air Pollution or Environmental Control.

Ranging from old style, simple cyclones, to hi-tech bag houses and collectors, King-Lar has fabricated, as well as installed many styles and brands of collectors.

King-Lar has worked with practically every manufacturer of collectors, both wet and dry, for all major industries, including foundries, paper mills, power plants, grain facilities and coal handling operations.

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